Farm to Food Bank

Farm to Food Bank

The Goshen Market and Foundation have partnered with Feeding Illinois and the St. Louis Area Foodbank on this unique pilot program. Each week our farmer vendors bring seconds, gleanings, and surplus to the Market. The farmers are reimbursed for their picking and packing costs, and all of that produce is donated directly to local food pantries.

The Farm to Food Bank Program’s overarching goal is to build a long lasting, sustainable, state-funded program that would create a relationship of farms working directly with food banks to increase food access, economic dollars within the state, profitability for Illinois farmers, community revitalization and reduce food waste.

In 2022, we collected and distributed over 8,000 lbs of local produce. For 2023, our goal is 18,000 lbs.

If you have extra from your home garden, we’d love to have it. Just bring it to the Market and load it on the trailer!

Thank You to Our Partners: